Develop your employees into a high-performing team.

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To Increase Revenue and Scale Your Organization’s Mission, You Must Have a Highly Engaged, High-Performing Team

Leading a Hybrid Team is Hard

We can help. The first step is to download
7 Important Questions Every Leader Should Be Asking to Create Successful Hybrid Teams

Leadership Consulting for Mission-Driven Organizations

Mission-driven leaders come to us for strategies and solutions to grow themselves and grow their people. Genesis Eakes International works with marketplace leaders to integrate their values into a culture of honor that unites individuals strengths with strategy to accomplish their mission.

Achieve Sustainable Growth

Through Five Key Areas


We inspire and empower the ongoing growth and development of leaders.

Executive Coaching Programs


We maintain and promote the use of cutting-edge people data resources that position people for growth and long-term success built around their strengths.

Team Assessments


We increase the effectiveness of leaders and team members communication skills.

Communication Impact Workshop


We provide effective people-centric growth strategies that enable leaders and organizations to achieve their goals.



We provide the framework, accountability, and resources to sustain an intentional growth culture that honors and values people.

Interactive Team Culture Experience

Our Approach



You share with us the hurdles you face so we clearly understand the unique challenges your organization is facing so we can develop the best solution for your needs.



Our in-depth assessment allows us to offer a carefully designed, customized plan for your individual organization’s team development.



We have experienced consultants, facilitators and leadership specialists who strive to exceed your expectations as we execute and deliver on your plan.


Your success is driven by results. We not only deliver but continue to evaluate your organizational growth compared to program effectiveness.

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About Genesis Eakes International

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Genesis Eakes International is a leadership development company specializing in developing the leaders and teams of mission-driven organizations, enabling them to accomplish their vision for their community, their industry, and the world.

We believe the most audacious goals can be accomplished when an organization’s culture has a growth environment where an individual’s diversity of gifts, talents, and dreams are recognized, expressed, and realized creating a passionate, productive, creative, and cooperative team.

This type of growth environment sets organizations up to be on the cutting edge of innovation in their field, which directly affects their bottom line. 

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